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Reasons to Call Canaan Heights Home!

Canaan Heights Subdivision offers the ultimate of amenities for residential housing in the Annapolis Valley which exceed other developments for the following reasons:


A storm water drainage system installed in the street frontage provides the following benefits:

(a.) A guaranteed dry basement is achieved through the ability of the homeowner to run a ground water storm drainage system for the footing and floor slab which is lower than the basement floor level. This feature is not prevalent in other subdivisions.
(b.) By replacing an open front ditch system with an underground storm water drainage system, the front lawn and building lot size is extended by 10 feet in depth of useable area on highway property between the homeowners front property line and the street curbing.
(c.) The elimination of an ugly front entrance to each residence is achieved by replacing the open front ditch system and culvert driveway with an extended filled in lot depth achieved by installing the underground storm drainage system.

CHNA Park PlanNew!
Neighbourhood Park
Development Plan

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Lower Tax Rates

An Exceptional View
Strategic Location
Surrounded By Nature
Extended Lot Features
Enhanced Property Value
Modern Services to Building Lots
Detached Buildings
Quality Site Development
Local Community Services
Schools and Universities
Local School Bus Service
Visionary Concept

Lower Tax Rates

Located in Kings County the most favourable taxation district of the Annapolis Valley.


Exceptional Views

The subdivision overlooks the Minas Basin, Cape Blomidon, Hants County, Kings County, Cumberland County,
and Colchester County.


Strategic Location

Strategically located for travel access in any direction from Exit 12 on highway 101.
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Surrounded By Nature

Your backyard is surrounded by over 100 acres of forested land with brooks, wildflowers, wildlife and trails for nature walks, peace and tranquility. Click on the photos below for a full gallery

Canaan Heights Gallery

Canaan Heights Gallery

Major Features

The extended feature of concrete curb and gutter with an underground storm drainage system which is very costly for the developer but adds significantly to the value of the home owner's investment for the following reasons:

Each residential lot will gain the use of approximately ten (10) feet of lawn area in front of their residence, which is a portion of the overall street right-of-way that extends between the building lot front property line and the concrete curbing of the street.

The resulting building lots will have significantly enhanced aesthetic appeal and enhanced resale value because of the elimination of open ditch street construction using up this ten foot space with ugly open ditch construction and a driveway culvert system.

Perhaps most important is the result of a confirmed dry residential basement with the ability to drain a properly constructed basement foundation drainage system into the subdivision storm water drainage system since municipal codes do not legally allow basement storm drainage to be diverted into the sanitary sewer system.

Special Condition On Selected Lots

To protect the view of the lots located on the southwest side of Falcon Drive, Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 must have no roofline that is above the eighteen (18) foot view plane as measured from the center of the paved road in front of the dwelling.

However, while all homes built on these lots on the northeast side of Falcon Drive must be ONE STOREY homes relative to the street elevation, it should be noted the increased value of these particular lots for the following reasons:

(a) The view plane or scenery on the rear elevation of these lots will never be obstructed by another home or building;

(b) The topography of the land is such that all homes on these particular lots can have the basements open at walk in ground level at the rear of the home and thus make the basement an additional residential level of the home. This, of course, reduces construction costs significantly per square foot of living space.

(c) There will be the use of extended land area into the subdivision parkland open space beyond the building lot rear property line which enhances the resale value and lifestyle of the home owner.

Note: Similar to Lots No. 1 through No. 12 all building lots numbered 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, and 37 must have no roofline that is above the eighteen (18) foot view plane as measured from the center of the paved road in front of the dwelling.  All homes built on these lots must be ONE STOREY homes relative to the street elevation to protect the view of lots to their rear located in the new Phase 2 section of the subdivision.

Enhanced Property Value

Covenants are to protect the quality of residential housing and landscaping of the subdivision which will enhance the value of the homeowner's investment and ensure easy resale of any home.

Modern Services To Building Lots

Large building lots that are fully serviced including underground sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water laterals to the property line, along with underground electrical services and state of the art fibre optic cable for telephone, internet and TV service installed to the property line.

Detached Buildings

In reference to Restrictive Covenants No. 2 with respect to detached buildings, Paramount Hotels Limited hereby has given permission to construct one detached out building on the property under the following conditions:

  • Shall have a professionally designed set of architectural drawings for the new building prepared and presented to Paramount Hotels Limited and the County of Kings for approval prior to commencement of any construction. It shall be the responsibility of the licensed contractor to obtain building permits from the County of Kings.
  • Shall be esthetically of the same design and exterior finish as the current residence on the site;
  • Shall not exceed 10 feet by 12 feet in size;
  • Shall not have a side wall higher than 8 feet;
  • Shall be constructed with poured concrete floor close to ground level at the entrance and sited to not require the skirting on any side to exceed 36 inches;
  • Shall have the same or better grade windows matching in colour to the house;
  • Eaves with be closed with fascia to match house;
  • It will have no chimney or other ventilation to support a combustible heating system.
  • The shed can only be sited close to the back of the house and in a location on the lot that is as unobtrusive as possible to neighbours and any other public traversing through the subdivision and the site to be approved by grantor prior to construction.
  • Shall not be used for the purpose of housing chickens or other animals;
  • All other covenants shall remain in place and form part of the deed in the sale and transfer of property.

Quality Site Development

Development of this subdivision will entail high quality standards throughout construction of the site which will comprise of paved streets, concrete curbing and gutter, underground sanitary sewer and storm drainage along with underground electrical power and combined communication services.Each building lot will be serviced to the lot line with electrical and communication services, storm drainage (for uphill lots), sanitary sewer and water service from the Village of New Minas systems.

Local Community Services

Strategically located within 5 minutes of all major shopping venues, recreational opportunities and essential services

New Minas Kentville Wolfville
Nova Scotia Wolfville Hotel

Old Orchard

Schools and Universities

Located in the Gaspereau Elementary, New Minas Elementary, Evangeline Middle School, Horton District High School, Acadia University, and NSCC Kingstec Campus.

New Minas
Evangeline Middle
Horton High

Acadia University Nova Scotia Community College
- Kingstec Campus


Annapolis Valley School Board Transportation Information
Call: 1-902-538-4641 (Brenda).


1. Gasperau Elementary School - 542-6090
Subdivision is located on the south side of Highway 101 and therefore Grades 1 - 5 will be bused to Gasperau. Elementary School following which they will attend the Evangeline Middle School in New Minas. There is no French Immersion program in Gaspereau.

2. Evangeline Middle School - Grades 6, 7, & 8 - 681-4910
Located in New Minas. Early French Immersion presently available for Grades 6 & 7 and will be available in 2005/2006 for Grade 8.

3. Horton High School - Grades 9-12 - 542-6060
French Immersion will be available in 2005/2006 for Grade 9.

4. New Minas Elementary School - 681-4900
Presently have French Immersion for Grades Primary - 5 and students can elect to go to this school if they wish French Immersion, but will be responsible for their own transportation to the school or to the nearest school bus location, which presently is located below the Big Stop at the corner of Prospect Road and Highbury Road (at Bendix Drive which is a trailer park).

Visionary Concept

The intended vision of high standards for this subdivision will require the construction of quality residential housing which will provide not only high standards to enhance resale value to the home owner but also provide a high standard that will enhance the continued sale of building lots for future development phases of the subdivision.

Canaan Heights is a development promoting high character in conjunction with affordability. The character of each home must provide an enhanced appeal reaching beyond plain style



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